Mini scribbling

As part of my quest to earn money from writing, I am trying to write every day.  A little and often rather than a lot rarely is my new approach.  All published writers, when asked, say that sitting down and writing is the only way to improve and to get to a point where your writing is good enough to publish.  So here I am writing.

At the moment, my blog does not have an audience and for that I am quite grateful.  What I am hoping is that I manage to build my on-line audience as my writing improves.  The question is, how do I build that audience?  I think good old Google could be the place to start.

Okay, I’ve linked my blog to my Twitter page and to Google.  Now I’m going back to some serious studying.  I’ve recently re-started the Writers’ Bureau Creative Writing course.  I did actually start it 12 years ago, in 2003.  So a little time has elapsed since then, but never say never.  Here I am again with the updated course.  I’m getting ready to do the second assignment and I am so excited about it.  🙂  I will update as I go.


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