Finally back in the blogosphere with writing routines to get serious with.

After a very long silence, bar a couple of re-blogs, I have decided to focus on my blog again.

When I started this blog I meant to update it at least weekly and at first I did just that. But as a new blogger, and a fairly new writer, what I didn’t do was establish a writing routine. A routine, I am realising more and more is vital if I am going to get anywhere at all with this writing business. Something that I have realised, as I read other blogs, Writing Magazines and send stuff off out into the world, is going to take a serious amount of time.

So…Here we go – My New Writing Routine and Other Assorted Rules:

  1. I will write every morning when I am not at work and every evening when I am.
  2. I will write for at least 2 hours a day when I’m not at work and at least 1 hour a day when I am.
  3. I will get into the routine of working on different projects.
  4. I will leave at least two days between finishing small writing projects and redrafting and at least one month for larger projects such as a novel.
  5. I will update my blog at least once a week, sometimes twice.

My writing routine will look like this:

  • Once to twice a week work on blog.
  • Two to four times a week work on Writers’ Bureau Writing Course.
  • Once a week send a letter or article to a magazine or newspaper
  • Twice a week work on a short story.
  • Routine to change when back to novel.

Right that will do for now.

On a very positive I do take writing seriously note, I have finished the first draft of a novel and I have re-drafted it briefly once. It is a romance and I really enjoyed writing it. As I mentioned before, I started it to enter a Mills and Boon competition. It didn’t get shortlisted but I am so glad that I did it. I now have my first complete novel. That in itself feels like a huge achievement. I am aware that it is very rough and needs a lot more work but there it is in black and white on my laptop, saved in Dropbox in case of any terrible laptop crashing, memory wiping eventuality.

If I can do that once then I can do it again and again until I get it just right.

So now I feel that I need an image to sum up how I’m feeling with my newly established writing routine in black and white and up and running.

idealimageofwritingA little bit like this, maybe.

But quite a lot like this…



I’ve Been *BURSTING* To Tell You: I Got a Book Deal!

How exciting!


I know things have been a bit quiet around here lately but that’s because I was (a) cramming for and then taking end-of-year exams and (b) keeping an enormous secret that I feared I might subliminally spill. This morning though, I’m finally able to tell you:



If you’ve been hanging around these parts a while you’ll know that last summer I finally finished a respectable draft of a serial killer thriller I’d been mostly not writing for the best part of two years. In October I signed with Jane Gregory, an agent I almost hadn’t submitted to because looking at the existing clients on her website, I thought I didn’t stand a chance. After I got my first batch of university assignments done over Christmas I did some re-writes on the book, and it went out on submission back in March. Just five days later, on March 23rd, it was…

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Dear Parents…

Ramblings of a Teacher

Dear Parents,

When you receive your child’s report this year, things might not look as clear as they once did. Having spent years getting your head around levels and sub-levels, I’m afraid they are no more. And as much as this might come as a shock to you, believe me, we as a profession were no more prepared for it.

It comes at a time when – as you’ll know – so much else has changed in our schools. Teachers the length and the breadth of the country have been doing our utmost to provide the smoothest and most effective transition for your child as we move from one national curriculum to another, but it hasn’t been easy.

It means that when you receive the report on the attainment of your child at the end of this academic year, the picture may look very different from the past. Children who were comfortably…

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