Writing, writing and more writing 

I’ve written two short stories recently and really enjoyed the experience. This has surprised me as I have always thought of myself as in it for the long haul. Any story ideas that I have all seem to be better suited to a novel rather than a brief 1000 or so words. 

Admittedly, I have not ever really tried writing short stories before. I’ve always been stuck to the idea of writing a novel. I still am, but writing short stories is a great way to practise writing and is ideal when you’re busy and only have time for really short bursts of writing. I’m talking 20 minutes in a day. I’ve just published one to this blog and I’ve just finished the first draft of another one. For a would be writer it’s good discipline just to be writing. 

As for the novel. That’s shaping up in my head and will be started when school finishes. I want to get stuck into it before I start the MA in creative writing in October. But for now, I’ll get on with redrafting Pear and Parsley Jam. 

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