Creative Flow vs Careful Planning

I’ve recently set up a creative writing workshop for students at the school where I teach. There are about 10 students in total who attend and it’s great. After years of teaching schemes of work and having to stick to the limits that they impose, it is a truly joyful experience to throw away the rules and work however we please. One of the first casualties has been careful planning.

We discussed this as a group. I relayed the advice that I recently read in Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ about plot and his preference for putting “characters … in some sort of predicament and then watch them try to work themselves free”. We agreed that, for the most part, we preferred this way of writing. Some of us said we liked to just write and then at some point map out key details but none of us said that we sat and planned a story out before we start to write. And then, do you know what we did? We just wrote. For 40 minutes, a long time for a teenager, we sat and wrote, all working on our own stories. It was bliss. 

Next week we’re going to continue the process of writing before we settle down to polishing and redrafting. I find that the more I just sit and write like this, the more I love it. And as a teacher, I find it really liberating; I can’t wait to try it in the classroom.

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