The Best Advice a New Writer Can Get…

As I have been sharing in various posts, I want to become a writer. And that involves a number of things: practising writing in different forms at every opportunity; writing in my preferred form more consistently; taking writing courses and reading what other, successful, writers have to say about the craft. 

Some of the above were pretty obvious from the start, some not so much. The obvious was the practising and writing courses; the less obvious the reading what published writers have to say about writing. I don’t know why this wasn’t obvious at first but it just wasn’t. I didn’t really come to that realisation until I finally, after several years of stop/starting with my writing, decided that buying a writing magazine was quite a good idea. From this came the realisation that published writers can offer some very good advice and tips on writing and that a more formal writing course, such as an MA in creative writing would be a very good investment in my future. 

However, the really key advice that ran through every article and book on writing was to read, read, read as well as to write, write, write. 

This was an exciting moment for me as a trainee writer, because I’ve always felt a little guilty reading when I should be feverishly writing away. Now I realise that I can read guilt free as it will serve as an almost subliminal writing course in itself. So I have been reading: reading widely, voraciously and enjoying myself hugely. And what’s more, it seems that the more I read, the more I write. Who knew? 

I’ve also decided to post reviews of the books which have been particularly enjoyable as well as useful to me. But that’s just the kind of crazy chick I am. 🐣 

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